Published on January 17, 2023

We’ve got a secret to tell you – you need more than grades for a successful career (although grades are still important!). At North Hertfordshire College, we work with a range of employer partners to help give you the experiences and opportunities you need to make confident decisions about your future and help you start your career journey.

We spoke to Julie Masdin, Work Experience Coordinator for NHC’s Engineering and Construction Campus, to find out more about an exciting project our Electrical students have been working on with Morgan Sindall – a big name in the construction sector!

Find out more about the project below:

When did Morgan Sindall start working with North Hertfordshire College? 

“It all started in early 2022 when we began discussing possible ways that our students could work with Morgan Sindall. Our team were invited by Morgan Sindall to visit the University of Hertfordshire site to see the progress that’s been made on the development. We started working out what our students might be able to do with Morgan Sindall for future work experience opportunities.

“Morgan Sindall are keen to view the College as a future talent pool, so they decided to start training this talent by offering work experience in the management office on the University of Hertfordshire redevelopment site. Representatives from Morgan Sindall came into our classrooms at the beginning of this academic year to present the project to students and gauge their interest. The students who expressed interest in the placement were invited to interview for the opportunity. We’re proud to say that they impressed Morgan Sindall a lot!”

Wow! What was the student reaction to the project? 

“The students were enthusiastic about the opportunity to do some work experience with Morgan Sindall. There are four students who have been chosen for work experience, and they will each have their own placement opportunity.

“One student said; ‘It is a privilege to be given this opportunity and I want to thank the College for setting it all up. It is an honour to be allowed to go and do work experience with Morgan Sindall and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.’”

What opportunities have opened up to the students as a result of this partnership? 

“As well as the experience in the management office on-site of the University of Hertfordshire site, our students have also seized the opportunity to be involved in another high-profile development. The same students who were selected for the work experience at the University of Hertfordshire were also invited to the ground breaking event at Buntingford First School for their Net Zero Carbon site.

“This is at the start of the building process. The students were a credit to the College and used it as a great opportunity to network with employees from Morgan Sindall. There have been some extra visits planned to this development site throughout the course of the project to give our students some extra insight into what the building process is like on a project like this.”

We reached out to Morgan Sindall’s Social Value Manager for Northern Home Counties, Norma Odain-Hines, to ask how the company thinks the NHC partnership is going so far. She said: “Morgan Sindall Construction is a main contractor who strongly believe in encouraging new talent and creating an environment where every person feels included and treated equally. Our alliance with North Hertfordshire College demonstrates our support for developing the next generation of construction professionals.

“Our ambition is to develop and retain local talent in Hertfordshire and this opportunity to work closely with the College via talks, site visits, careers fairs, and student work experience allows us to realise this.”


Many thanks again to Morgan Sindall for giving our students this opportunity. We look forward to seeing the work our students do with Morgan Sindall in the future!


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