Give a Future

Could you Give a Future?

Could you make the difference to a young person’s career prospects?

Recent times have created considerable challenges for businesses across all industries, and investing in the next generation may be the furthest thing from your mind.

But we know that young people couldn’t be facing a more difficult start to their working lives. Their education has been disrupted, many of the experiences that we all enjoyed when we were students are not available to them and they face the possibility of starting their career in an economy where many jobs have disappeared, possibly permanently, and the competition for the jobs that are available will be intense.

At a critical time, you could make a difference to students’ prospects by passing on your skills and knowledge and inspiring them with your passion and enthusiasm.  We are asking you to spare whatever time and resources you can to support our students. It may be providing advice or support, offering work experience, or delivering a virtual presentation. You could provide the spark, the moment of clarity, that starts the student on a path to a successful and rewarding career.

Why get involved?

  • Resolving the need for expensive recruitment drives, by training potential new staff members and having access to new talent pool pipelines, for future business growth.
  • Giving back to the community and building upon a highly regarded reputation, meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.
  • Gain resolutions to potentially challenging business problems.
  • Receive free promotion for your organisation through our social media channels
  • Free advertising, your business logo on our website and prospectus, endorsing you as one of our most valued employer partnerships.
  • Promotion of your successful student case studies and stories.

How can you get involved?

Making a difference in someone’s future doesn’t have to take hours of your time; you could make a difference by providing a short video or having a young person work with you for a week. Whatever you can offer, you can Give a Future.



Sector-based work academies offer pre-employment training that lasts up to 6 weeks. This is offered through our sister company, Hart Learning and Development, click here for further information.


Could you talk to our students in person, online or via recorded video?  If you have a story to tell our students would love to hear it, you can share your success story, and your career journey and give them some top tips on how to succeed in your industry.

By offering to lead an employer project our students can work with you to find a solution for your business problems or to complete a task or activity that will give them new skills and knowledge about your industry. This could be a fictional issue that will teach our students a skill, or a real-life issue that our students can help to resolve.

Could you spare time to help shape the curriculum that our students are learning? Our tutors will work with you to help to shape and develop their teaching to ensure our students leave college with skills the industry looks for. The group will include employers from a range of sectors to provide input into our curriculum areas so we can ensure we are covering the expertise and knowledge that you need now and in the future

We can work with you to develop a virtual experience for one, or multiple, students, showcasing your organisation and providing students with an understanding of your industry

Placement opportunities will provide your business with talented enthusiastic staff members, whilst showing them what is expected of them in the workplace. Students will develop relevant industry and social skills needed for a successful career.

Minimum hours for placements are dependent on the course subject.

With the introduction of new T Level qualifications this year, students will be completing a longer-term placement. This gives you and the student a great opportunity to work together over the year – students can help you develop your business and you can support students to better understand your industry.

Do you have a current vacancy in your organisation? Thousands of people are currently seeking that one opportunity that could be the start to their perfect career, and you could be their stepping stone. Learning while they work could be the ideal solution for your business.

Visit our apprenticeships webpage here.

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