Published on December 21, 2022

Some of North Hertfordshire College’s Catering students took part in an exclusive workshop session with representatives from Hilton Hotels and Riso Gallo as part of a new collaboration between NHC and the Hilton!

Students from across our Level 1, 2, and 3 programmes came together to learn some top tips from Riso Gallo’s Managing Director, Jason Morrison, about how to cook a traditional risotto. Our students are no strangers to risotto, thanks to their regular participation in competitions and NHC’s Chef Lecturer Anthony Gascoigne’s support of the Young Risotto Chef of the Year competition, so the tips they learnt from Jason will no doubt be put to good use soon.

It was then time for our student chefs to get stuck into a practical cooking workshop led by Saurabh Prabhakar, who works with the Hilton Hotel group as a Lead Culinary Learning and Development Chef. During the session, our students learnt how to transform arborio rice (traditionally used in Italian risottos) to create a Spanish paella to demonstrate the versatility of the grain. The final dish looked amazing, and we’re sure this inspiring experience will stay with our student chefs for a long time.

Navpreet Kumar, one of North Hertfordshire College’s Level 2 Professional Cookery students, agrees. He said: “I was so inspired by the session. It was great learning about the history of Riso Gallo and how the rice is made in a sustainable way. I had no idea you could use arborio rice for paella! I now want to work in a Hilton hotel as there are so many hotels in their portfolio.”

The link between North Hertfordshire College and the Hilton Hotel group is the result of the excellent employer connections our Hospitality and Catering department has. Riso Gallo regularly supports our students, particularly through the Young Risotto Chef of the Year competition. So, when Riso Gallo started collaborating with Saurabh from the Hilton to showcase the careers available to students within their portfolio of hotels, the natural next step was for Saurabh to visit our students for a workshop and guest speaker session.

This visit to NHC was the Hilton’s first college collaboration, with more opportunities to come in the future.

Reflecting on how the session with NHC went, Saurabh commented: “The level and maturity of the participating Chef students is a testament to the culinary training and education provided by exemplary chef lecturer Anthony Gascoigne and so ably supported by Jason Morrison and the team at Riso Gallo. I look forward to upcoming collaborations, employment opportunities, and more such educational days.”

Thank you again to Jason Morrison and Saurabh Prabhakar for visiting our students and for helping to inspire their career ambitions – we’re looking forward to the next step in this collaboration.


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