Supported Studies Especially Art exhibition

Welcome to the 21st consecutive year of our Supported Studies ‘Especially Art Exhibition’.

In previous years the exhibition was housed at external venues before we opted to install it at our Stevenage campus, where the artwork brought the atrium to life and gave the whole college community the opportunity to view it. This year, we’re very excited to be launching our first online ‘Especially Art Exhibition’ to showcase our students work.

Groups from across the Supported Studies provision have contributed to the exhibition, by linking art into a variety of strands of the curriculum. Through the use of a broad spectrum of techniques and materials our students have created stunning artwork and gained valuable skills whilst having the opportunity to express themselves and be confident in their achievements. The benefit of an online exhibition is that our students plus their families and friends, in addition to the college community, have access to enjoy viewing their artwork from home.

A superb event to round off the year, so well done and thank you to our students and the team for making this exhibition such a success!

– Lara Mathie, Head of Curriculum for Supported Studies & Springboard


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