Published on February 27, 2020

In the first term of the academic year, WHEELS have had lots of fun working on several projects. The students began the year working in the wood workshops to build bird boxes which saw the students develop skills, including measuring and cutting accurately.

The students have built on their interpersonal skills and working as part of a team. Their culmination of skills and hard work was put into building the highly anticipated Christmas sleigh, which was proudly displayed in Stevenage campus atrium and later delivered to Stevenage Haven.

Garry Capocci, WHEELS Tutor said: “We foresee the rest of the year being even more exciting and full of many more projects that will continue to develop their skills, including their upcoming car restoration project, where they’ll collaborate with current motor vehicle students.”

On Wednesday 22 January the supported studies students took part in a vote to decide the winner of the WHEELS birdbox challenge. The winner was awarded a certificate by Supported Studies Head of Curriculum, Lara Mathie.

WHEELS Student, Gary Bowden who was awarded the winner for the birdbox challenge: “It’s been a really fun project with lots of laughter. The teamwork has helped to build my confidence and I’ve learnt lots of practical skills to accurately measure and cut wood.”

For this term, the students will be working alongside motor vehicle students on a car renovation project. So check back for more updates.

wheels birdbox