Published on April 24, 2022

At North Hertfordshire College, we’re proud to be able to work with a wide range of local and national employers to help our students gain the crucial work experience they need for starting their careers.

Three of NHC’s Business Administration students have been working with Wenta, a not-for-profit organisation which provides business support services from training to business advice. We recently spoke to Wenta’s Digital, Communications, and Marketing Manager, Emma-Louise Harvey, to find out more about how NHC’s Give A Future campaign not only supports our students, but Wenta too.

How did Wenta get involved with NHC’s Give A Future campaign?

“Wenta’s journey for our current intake of NHC students started when the College’s work experience team approached our HR advisor to discuss placement opportunities. These conversations were really productive, helping us to form plans for a number of roles that NHC Business Administration students could help with, particularly within our marketing department.

“We’ve now taken on three students through the Give A Future Campaign – Ben and Hope in our social media team, and Shannon working in our email marketing team, all working one day a week with us.”

What sort of work do the students do as part of their placements?

“Ben and Hope create and design social media posts across all of our social media channels, including planning and scheduling content using online tools and apps. Each student has a content theme/pillar that they are responsible for, and they’re expected to do a small amount of research and planning to support their content, before creating and scheduling the content for the week.

“In our email marketing team, we have Shannon creating a weekly email using Adobe InDesign software to create images and various resources for regular content. She then completes a templated email which is sent to over 10,000 customers, as well as a smaller monthly email and ad-hoc research and marketing support tasks.”

What was the onboarding process like when the students started working with Wenta?

“When the students started in their roles, we spent some time introducing them to various marketing topics and the Wenta brand, including our tone of voice, image library, brand guidelines, and content ideas documents. We initially spent time sharing ideas and creating mock content for social media posts and emails, until the students became more confident in their abilities and needed less supervision.”

Overall, how would you describe Wenta’s experience with NHC’s Give A Future campaign?

“Each of the students currently doing work experience with Wenta has proven to be a valuable member of the team, contributing considerably to our marketing outputs and the team generally. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is fantastic, and we’re really enjoying having them here. We hope they are enjoying the experience as much as we are.”


If you’re interested in giving back to the next generation of workers and want to be involved in NHC’s Give A Future campaign, be sure to check out our Give A Future page!