Published on June 10, 2022

As part of their Entertainment Industry unit, North Hertfordshire College’s Level 2 Travel & Tourism students prepared a children’s dance workshop themed around The Lion King! 

To help them plan their interactive sessions, the students attended a performance of The Lion King in London’s West End. The long-running show has entertained guests for over 20 years, making it the perfect place for our students to gather ideas. The trip made a positive impression on our students, who were now full of inspiration and ready to apply their experience to the final preparations for their workshop. Jasmin Stukins, one of NHC’s Level 2 Travel and Tourism students, described it as “a fantastic experience. We’re so pleased we got to go and see the live show!” 

With plenty of new ideas in mind, the students have brought what they saw at the theatre into the classroom. They’ve worked on their roars and polished up their performances in dress rehearsals – complete with full costumes for Timone and Pumba! These rehearsals helped the students to feel confident about the idea of entertaining young children and motivated them to be involved with both the dance and the other activities they have planned. 

NHC’s students have now started taking their workshop and activities into local primary schools and it’s already been a big hit. When the first group of Year 1 students from Fairlands Primary School left the hall after their session, one student was heard telling another member of staff that “it’s really good in there!”. 

Not only does this dance workshop fit into their Entertainment Industry unit, but it also provides essential practical experiences to our Travel & Tourism students who want to work with children, like Kiara Ryan. She said: “The project has given me a real insight into what it’s going to be like working with children in the future, as I want to be a holiday rep when I finish my course.” 

Kayleigh Clayton, Success Coach for North Hertfordshire College’s Business and Travel & Tourism courses, agrees about the importance of this experience. She said: “This workshop has really helped to build the students’ confidence as well as their self-belief. In the industry they want to move into, it is essential they’re able to interact with children and customers, making them feel relaxed and looked after. I can already see an improvement in their confidence and we’re excited to take this workshop into schools to share with others.” 

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