Published on November 14, 2022

North Hertfordshire College’s Computing, Networking & Design students recently took part in a careers session with Ocado’s IT team where they explored the various career possibilities within the business. The event was designed to highlight the opportunities for women in the computing and IT industries and demonstrate the many different career pathways open to students at the end of their courses.

Ocado’s IT team introduced our students to a number of different roles within their team, from project management to software development. Students were also shown how programming skills in Python and Java can result in functions such as robotic shopping pickers! The session really demonstrated the practical application of the skills our students are learning on their course, so they could understand the impact they can have in their future careers.

The sessions also included a discussion about Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, linking her importance in the role of programming and robotics within Ocado and helping to inspire our female students to pursue a career in computing at the end of their studies with NHC.

To round the session off, the Ocado IT team shared details of the different routes available to employment in the sector. The team helped link the key units in the IT curriculum and the importance of ‘softer skills’ such as those delivered in NHC’s Personal and Academic Development sessions, linking with the current top ten key skills that all our students across the College are working to improve on within their classes.

The feedback from Ocado’s IT team was positive. Meena from Ocado said: “It was great to meet with students, there was a good level of engagement, and we are looking forward to working with you and your students on ‘codeforlife’, Ocado’s programming package to support learners in developing their programming skills.”

The session certainly helped to inspire our students. Indi Ilina, one of our Level 3 IT students, said: “I am really interested in an apprenticeship with Ocado as programming is one of my passions. I will definitely be downloading the ‘codeforlife’ software to improve and practice my skills in Python.”

Robert Tattam, IT tutor with North Hertfordshire College, said of the session: “The visit from Ocado was a lovely insight into the skills required to work for such a large company. Knowing they have a ‘secret squirrels’ robotics centre sounds really exciting and a place we would love our students to visit!”


If you’re interested in building your own skills in computing and exploring a career in the IT sector, be sure to check out North Hertfordshire College’s Computing, Networking & Design courses! With NHC, you can stay close and go far!