Published on November 23, 2022

As well as learning the techniques and skills that open doors to a range of exciting and varied careers in hairdressing and make-up, students on North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects, and Hair and Media Make-Up are also able to let their creativity run free and express themselves through their new-found skills.

Meet Maisie Sullivan, one of our learners on the Level 3 programme. Maisie first applied to NHC after her sister attended the College herself and successfully started her own business at the end of her studies. Now, Maisie is taking the skills and techniques she’s learning to express her thoughts and ideas through the medium of make-up, all whilst building her portfolio ahead of starting her career.

Find out more about Maisie’s NHC experience in her Student Snapshot below:

How would you describe the experience of your course so far?

“I’ve enjoyed creating different SFX looks and being able to express my ideas in the form of make-up. I’ve had loads of fun working with my friends to create different looks and do photoshoots afterwards to really show our work. Mary [Course Team Leader for the Level 3 Diploma] always goes above and beyond to help us as a class, and she’s always using her spare time in order to benefit us for the better.”

How have you worked with employers since starting your course?

“We recently had a guest speaker come in from Academy Hair and Beauty in Welwyn Garden City to talk to us about hairdressing and show us some examples of bridal updos. She told us about some of her previous experiences and opportunities she’s had through the industry – it was really inspiring.”

If you could speak to someone who’s thinking of studying at NHC, what would you say to them?

“Definitely do it! The College has so many opportunities for everyone and is very helpful with everything.”


If Maisie has inspired you to start your own hairdressing and make-up learning journey, be sure to check out North Hertfordshire College’s Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy courses. With NHC, you can stay close to home and go far in your future career!