Published on December 1, 2021

North Hertfordshire College students get to go on some pretty fun and exciting trips, but we think this one is in the running for the top spot! Students from our Level 3 and HND Sport and Exercise Science courses recently enjoyed a practical session in sports technology at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

Students on both courses have been learning about the technology that goes into sport and exercise science. They’ve been researching the different materials that are used to develop sports clothing and how advancements in technology have shaped sports equipment. By visiting the Snow Centre, our students have also gained a practical understanding of simulated sporting environments.

To top it all off, our students also got to take part in Introduction to Skiing and Snowboarding lessons, getting to experience a real-life example of how sports are taught in simulated environments. They also enjoyed some sessions on the Ringo Slide – an enormous rubber ring for you to slide down the hills and bumps on!

As well as being a fun bonding activity, this trip has helped cement the ideas and theories that our students are taught in their classes. The Snow Centre is the perfect example of the simulated environments they learn about, and a memorable experience such as this helps our students to remember what they’ve been taught.

Chris Bentley, one of our Sport and Public Services tutors, summed up the experience nicely, saying: “Both groups really enjoyed the experience, it’s great to see students thriving outside of college settings.”

Tolu Omisilade, who is studying for their Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, said: “It was really fun, we all really enjoyed the skiing and Ringo Slide sessions. It was a great learning experience that helps us develop the top skills, skills I will need as a sports scientist.”

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