Published on December 16, 2021

Studying a qualification in sport and exercise science opens doors to a whole range of careers, from coaching to physiotherapy to professional play. Our Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science students recently took a trip to the University of Bedfordshire for a jam-packed day of fitness testing activities, campus tours, and learning more about the world of sport and studying at degree-level.

The day kicked off with a chance to engage in a panel discussion about ‘Equality in Football Events’. Featured on the panel was Karen Dobres from Lewes FC, the first semi-professional women’s football club to offer equal pay to the men’s club. Our students were able to join in with important discussions about the impact of gender, race, and sexuality on the roles of players and coaches.

After the panel, our students then took part in a wide range of practical sessions related to the different fields within sport and exercise science. They undertook Y Balance screening tests, watched an ankle injury strapping demonstration, a Yo-Yo intermittent test in both the roles of athletes and physiotherapists, and a nutrition session involving calculating their BMR, indicating the number of calories your body needs to accomplish your most basic life-sustaining functions such as breathing, maintaining circulation, processing nutrients, and cell production.

Experiences like these are crucial to reinforcing the topics our students learn in their courses. Chloe Copeland, one of our Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science students, found the trip particularly beneficial, saying: “I found the day very interesting, especially when we learnt how to strap up an ankle sprain during the therapy session.”

Dr George Payne, Sport and Exercise Science tutor, said: “at this key stage of a 2nd year’s academic journey, a trip to educational facilities such as the University of Bedfordshire provides an excellent opportunity for students to get a feel for student life, what studying on a university campus looks like, and exposure to the field and laboratory-based learning of Higher Education. The use of technology and fitness testing methods was also a wonderful way for our 1st-year students to understand their capabilities from a physiological level and include that is recognised and validated testing procedures. These approaches all contribute immeasurably towards a student’s confidence, passion, and planning for their future.

“The mature conversations the students took part in allowed them to understand the importance of Student Voice and the responsibilities that come with that voice, especially with regards to social research in Sport and Exercise Science.”

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