Published on January 24, 2023

The North Hertfordshire College community work together to ensure that our learning opportunities help students to achieve their goals. That’s why, in addition to their Level 3 Child Development Studies programme, our learners have also been working towards their Paediatric First Aid qualification with Good Skills Training!

We spoke to Vickie Sharp, one of North Hertfordshire College’s Child Development Studies tutors, to find out more about how this bonus qualification will be useful when our learners start their careers and how it fits in with their studies.

Can you tell us a little about the qualification and how it benefits learners?

“The new qualification our learners have gained means that they meet Ofsted paediatric requirements. There are legal requirements placed on early years settings regarding the number of staff that must be in place to supervise children of different ages, and the qualifications they must hold as part of it. Our students are now able to be used to meet these ratios.”

How does the paediatric first aid qualification fit in with what students are learning on their programme?

“Students have been studying their unit on ‘Keeping Children Safe’, which involves them understanding the legislation in place to protect children’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and how the requirements affect our everyday practice in the workplace.

“When they start their chosen careers working directly with children, they will inevitably deal with injuries and accidents, so we feel it is an important part of their professional development to complete their paediatric first aid now, before they start their employment. Not only does this help them embed the learning for this unit in a practical way, but it helps them to be work ready and gives them a good head-start in potential employers’ eyes!”

So, is the qualification a standard component in the Level 3 programme?

“No, this is extra training that they’ve taken part in – it’s not a BTEC requirement to pass the paediatric first aid course. We support the units our students are learning by offering first aid training as an extra qualification. Plus, we know that many of our students need a first aid qualification within the first three months of their role so, by offering the training during their studies with us at NHC, we’re able to support our students’ job applications and give them a competitive edge.”


It’s not just Vickie that sees the benefit in the bonus qualification, either – her students agree! Runa Nuncarrow, one of NHC’s Level 3 Child Development Studies learners, said: “The first aid training was very educational. It was fun to practice and learn, but at the same time showed how different scenarios can happen so quickly and be so dangerous. It has given me more confidence when being in placement and working with children because, if a situation were to arise, I would know how to respond and what to do.”


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