Published on May 18, 2020

During these difficult times, our Level 3 Health and Social Care students stepped up to support the local community during the lockdown. Students were able to continue their work as essential workers, using different procedures to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Callum Foxley, continued volunteering for St John Ambulance and attended additional training to develop his skills, ready to provide further support to the NHS if and when needed.

Molly Chowings is currently working as a care assistant for the elderly and those with dementia. Molly’s day-to-day duties include providing personal care, assisting with meals and delivering daily, socially-distanced activities for the residents.

Molly said: “The coronavirus has changed the way everyone has to work. I have to wear a face mask for the duration of my shift with full personal protective equipment when entering the room of a positive resident.”

Tailor-Shea Hunt, is also continuing her work at her local care home, providing help in the kitchen, helping with laundry and daily activities.

Tailor-Shea said: “Procedures in the care home have changed because of the current situation, this means PPE must be worn at all times. For the past few weeks, residents have stayed in their rooms distanced from other residents, we have slowly been bringing residents down to the lounges following the 2 metres distance rule.”

“I am proud that I have been able to up my hours to full time, to help fill in the shifts for the other staff members who have been unable to work.”

Molly Kimberley and Emily Ridpath have been continuing their placement at Chells Doctors Surgery in Stevenage as Administrators. This involves scanning NHS related documents, filling patient notes, coding income and outcome letters, and attendance lists.

Molly said: “We now have to follow social distancing regulations by standing 2 metres apart, cleaning computers, keyboards and work surfaces to ensure they are safe to use. We’re happy to help take the pressure off other keyworkers by stepping in and doing as much as we can to support.”

During these unprecedented times, we can see how crucial health & social care workers are in our society. If you’re looking to apply for a course in a rewarding sector our applications are now open for our 2020-21 Health & Social Care, school leaver courses.