Published on April 21, 2021

Last month, our Level 2 Travel & Tourism students prepared for their annual event known as ‘Dance with us’, as part of their entertainment industry unit. Students had to deliver a programme of events for children with an interactive element to get people involved.

A step-by-step video was filmed in their class bubble to share with local schools as a virtual alternative to visiting schools in person. Students rehearsed for weeks in preparation for the main filming day with Identity Dance, a Stevenage based dance school teaching all ages in all styles of dance.

Identity Dance Instructor, Charlotte Hull said:

“The Travel & Tourism students have benefited from learning dance with us in many ways: teamwork, passion, building confidence and social communication, as well as learning a technically challenging choreography. We are particularly proud of these students as they had very little dance experience when we started working with them, yet they were able to learn a dance and present clear instructions of the movements during the filming process. The students enjoyed the experience, and the final video perfectly demonstrates what they have achieved.”

Schools were encouraged to participate online via. social media, recording and sharing dance videos using the hashtag #NHCDanceWithUs. We received tremendous support from all of our local schools and our students really enjoyed taking part.

Hear from one of our Level 2 Travel & Tourism student Marissa on what she had to say about the lead up to the event:

If you’re interested in any of our future ‘Dance with us’ events, please contact marketing@nhc.ac.uk

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