Published on March 4, 2020

Since the start of the year, our Supported Studies and Motor Vehicle students have been enjoying an exciting project: ‘The Fiat Project’. This project has been created similar to the ‘Car SOS’ TV programme as the base car had been dismantled by its previous owner and needed reassembling.

The Supported Studies (Wheels) students are involved with the rebuild supported by entry-level Motor Vehicle students (Jack Ribertson Joy, Stuart Williams and Jake Finn) in collaboration with ECC based at Fulton close SG1 2AF.

Motor Vehicle Students were required to undergo a job application process, designed by Julie King (Head of Construction & Motor Vehicle) and Garry Capocci (Supported Studies Wheels tutor), prior to being accepted to the project. This included an interview stage where students had to complete a PowerPoint presentation. By working in the project team, students have opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills and further their motor vehicle knowledge.

Garry said: “The Fiat project turned into a collaboration between the Supported Studies and Motor Vehicle students, all students worked extremely hard and showed extra enthusiasm when planning the project.”

Supported Studies (Wheels) student, Daniel Brown said: “I think the project is really fun. It has been difficult at times finding the different parts when working on the car, but it was really good working as a team to get the project done.”

Daniel went on to describe the different stages of the project so far saying that ‘Car Parts’ (Bury Farm, London Ln, Bedford, MK45 3LR) have donated parts to help renovate the car. He explained the car has been mocked up with a Fiat Punto 1242 8 valve engine, a late Fiat Seicento 5 speed gearbox, Fiat Panda rear disc brakes and coil-over suspension.

We are in the process of making a twin carb manifold with the help of ‘Press Fab Engineering’ (MK45 5BG). Once the manifold has been finished, the car will be disassembled, and all the parts will be sent for powder coating. BPF paint finishers (MK1 1JA) have kindly offered their services.

As a team, we are planning to fit a performance exhaust system that John Ashley of ‘Ashley Competition Exhausts’ (WS1 3DF) has kindly offered to help with. We are considering applying graphics to the vehicle which ‘Fab Graphics Ltd’ (MK45 9NX) have offered to help with.

Once finished, the car is expected to be showcased at the ‘Hagerty Classic Car Show: The Festival of the Unexceptional’ on Saturday 25th July, in Peterborough.

The positive impact of the project can be seen by the responses given when the students were asked what skills they think they are developing through this project, some of the responses included: teamwork, health & safety, independence, communication. ICT, Maths, English and leadership skills

The students were very keen to thank the fantastic support they have received from all the LSA, Aden Sizer for his excellent fabrication skills and more and everyone who has helped them with this project so far. A special thank you to all the sponsors providing us with resources for the project:

  • Ashley Competition Exhausts
  • Press Fab Engineering
  • BPF Paint Finishers
  • Fab Graphics Ltd.

Stay tuned for updates!