Published on February 7, 2023

North Hertfordshire College’s Hitchin campus is home to the NHC Sports Hub, our fresh new sports and exercise facilities. The NHC Sports Hub is not only open to the local and NHC community through gym memberships, but it’s also used by students on our Supported Studies, Public Services, and Sports, Coaching & Exercise Science courses to enhance their learning!

The new equipment added to the NHC Sports Hub’s roster is particularly useful for our students on higher-level sports programmes in supporting their understanding of fitness testing equipment. Having hands-on experience of technical tools whilst still in education means our students have a head-start against the competition when it comes to starting their careers, as well as reinforcing the theory they learn in the classroom.

The new equipment at the NHC Sports Hub includes:

HumanTrak technology


This new bit of kit is a movement analysis system which provides live feedback through 3D motion tracking for movement assessments. The system allows students to visualise biomechanical principles such as joint movement ranges and musculoskeletal imbalances, supporting their understanding of how the body works.

See HumanTrak in action

Perform Better Pro


Understanding how to analyse metabolic rates and physiological changes is a key part to understanding fitness, which is why we’re proud to have added Perform Better Pro to the NHC Sports Hub. The tools include VO2 Max testing functionality for high-level testing and evaluation.

These tools help our students to better analyse sports performance and understand how to help others to improve their fitness levels.

Dr George Payne, Programme Manager for the Higher National Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science at North Hertfordshire College, said: “The access to the brand new NHC Sports Hub and its facilities provides NHC students with high-level opportunities to learn, practice, coach, and assess across a variety of modules. This has been supported through the addition of the HumanTrak technology and Perform Better Pro equipment.

“These fun, interactive apparatus has improved learning and engagement opportunities for all. Additionally, they have provided key critical arguments for the students when analysing the ethics of technological development in sport and exercise science. These opportunities illustrate our persistent dedication toward an all-encompassing, all-inclusive student experience at NHC.”


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