Published on June 18, 2021

Anabel Staddon has recently completed her Level 2 Computing course at North Hertfordshire College, and she will be progressing on to a level 3 qualification at NHC, with plans to start university to study Game Design on completion of her qualification.

Anabel says of her time studying at NHC:

“As someone who has been home educated for the past 6 years, I was unsure of what to expect from the course.  What I found was that the tutors were very approachable and easy to ask questions to, which made the transition from learning at home really easy for me.

“I found the practical work of taking a computer apart was really interesting and I also enjoyed creating and learning about databases.  For me, the most engaging parts of the course were when we got to learn through doing, which keeps me interested and is a big part of the computing course. This course was very useful for expanding my knowledge of IT, I learnt so much about computers and how they function.

The tutors at NHC were very supportive throughout the entire course.  If ever needed it I always felt comfortable asking for assistance.  The tutors also provided feedback on my work throughout the course, and you can tell they really want all their students to pass.”

Rakhee Shah, Computing, Networking and Design tutor said “Anabel is a well-mannered and mature young lady with a positive approach to college life. Her work ethic is exemplary, and she has much to be proud of. Anabel has worked consistently at a high level and is to be praised for her achievements this year. Anabel is a very diligent student and has worked hard over lockdown and since our return to college to improve her performance and consolidate her knowledge.

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