Published on April 20, 2022

North Hertfordshire College’s Supported Internship students have been letting their creativity flow free by working on an exciting new urban art project! 

The Supported Interns are in the process of designing and creating an urban art wall at our Stevenage campus, themed around water pollution and conservation. The students invited local graffiti artist, Mr Meana, into the College to share some of his tips on how to create urban art and help our students plan their project further. 

Together, the students worked with Mr Meana to learn how to use spray cans safely when creating graffiti art, including how to prepare the cans before use and how to keep themselves safe through PPE. Mr Meana also taught the students some basic techniques that they can use in their own project, including how to spray lines and shapes, how to add shading, and how to spray their signatures once the art is completed. 

Once the basics had been learnt, our students had an opportunity to experiment with the techniques on a covered display board to see how different designs, mediums, and colours could be used to bring their artistic vision to life. 

This experience has helped students to think more about their ideas for the urban art wall, and we’re grateful to Mr Meana for spending the time sharing his knowledge and tips for graffiti. One student said: “I had lots of fun working with Mr Meana. He enjoys his work and sharing his skill with others and was good at encouraging students to try new techniques.” 

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