Published on October 13, 2020

Jane Shaw, Patient Experience Project Co-ordinator at Lister hospital is supporting the Give A Future campaign. Lister have hosted work experience for NHC students for several years. Here, Jane shares her experiences.

At the Lister Hospital, we have offered work experience to hairdressing and beauty therapy students from North Hertfordshire College for many years.   The students who come to us spend time on the wards and in reception, offering free beauty treatments to patients, staff and visitors. 

Our patients welcome the opportunity to have a chat with a new and friendly face and a pamper while the students get to practice their skills.  They also learn how to approach, engage and sustain conversations with a whole range of people, from the young to the older and infirm.   

In addition, the students become familiar with the hygiene and infection control procedures required to protect all their clients, whatever setting they are treated in, as well as how to work with patients with impaired mobility, sight and hearing.   

From the hospital’s perspective, these visits are a wonderful treat for patients.  They help break up what can sometimes be long and monotonous days and provide an opportunity for patients to experience a bit of ‘normal’ life and the stimulation of a chat and a laugh with younger members of our local community.   

The impact on patients’ physical and mental well-being is enormous.  Those in for longer stays actively look forward to the students’ visits each week.  Hospital staff also welcome these visits on their wards as they can help keep patients occupied and entertained while freeing up their time to attend to other necessary jobs.   

College staff accompanying the students are always excellent, well-briefed and supportive. We are grateful for everything they do to ensure that the hospital gets the maximum benefit from the time the students spend within the hospital. 

We are grateful for the Lister Hospital’s continued support, providing ongoing experiences for our students. 

 Find out how you can Give a Future here