Published on February 24, 2023

It’s the return of the North Hertfordshire College Level 2 Travel & Tourism kids’ dance workshops! Each year, our Level 2 learners head out into local primary schools to run a workshop session with young children, leading activities and showcasing the NHC-led dance workout to get kids moving. This year’s theme was Disney’s Frozen with the children taking part in their very own Frozen Festival!

Our learners kicked things up a notch with this year’s workshop, combining the Disney theme with enthusiastic clubbercise movements for a high-energy session to remember. Featuring a dance remix of ‘Let It Go’, our learners encouraged the pupils of Roebuck Primary School to get stuck in and enjoy moving. Entertaining small children can be a challenge, but a combination of spinning, jumping, and repetitive arm movements meant that Roebuck’s pupils were following along with our learners and enjoying themselves.

With the dance session over, it was time to get educational. Our learners led a series of short activities themed around the topic of climate change that both entertained the young children and helped them to improve their knowledge and understanding of an important environmental issue. Activities included using litter pickers to remove bits of rubbish from a box filled with water, as well as gardening activities to help pupils grow bee-friendly habitats for their garden.

Part of the challenge of the experience is choreographing a routine and designing activities that children will be able to follow whilst also keeping them engaged and entertained. Add onto that the fact that learners were working with both Year 1 and Year 4 students, meaning the activities and the dance had to be suitable for a range of different levels and abilities. The Frozen Festival workshop is similar to the sort of work that our learners can expect to take part in if they start a career as a holiday rep in a resort, providing valuable experience for their CV and giving them a great head-start when applying for jobs.

Billy Geary, Student Representative and Level 2 Travel & Tourism student, said: “The event was a brilliant learning opportunity for all of us as well as for the children. It gave us a real understanding of being in control of situations and being in charge. For example our individual activities. We all worked as team leaders to create an event that was run smoothly and efficiently. Overall, it was an amazing experience sharing what we had been working on for the last few months and finally being able to put it into action.

Kayleigh Clayton, Success Coach for Travel and Tourism at North Hertfordshire College, said: “We were delighted to be invited back to work alongside Roebuck Academy Primary School. The students really enjoyed the event as well as the preparation and planning leading up to the big day. I see my students each week and It was lovely to see how far they have progressed, not only in their knowledge around the subjects but growing in confidence, taking ownership of their workshop and how they presented themselves on the day as young adults.

“As some of the students would like to progress in the future to become cabin crew or holiday representatives this workshop enable them to work with children enabling them to have first-hand experience.”

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Want to find out more about the Frozen Festival experience?

Our Travel students created a video to introduce themselves to the students ahead of each session. As well as featuring an overview of upcoming activities, the video also explains the importance of the overarching environmental themes in a way that young children can understand.

Watch the video