Published on March 22, 2021

During March, our Level 3 Applied Science and Forensic students took part in a virtual symposium with British multinational pharmaceutical company, GSK. Apart of students’ curriculum to receive their Industrial Cadets Silver Award.

The seminar lasted for six hours with students presenting their research to a panel of judges, followed by a Q&A session. With just over 50 attendees, those in attendance included Thomas Alleyne Academy A-Level Science students, GSK Research Scientists, Industrial PhD researchers and Apprentices, as well as NHC and TAA Staff.

Students were required to collate information in groups on ‘Modern Science’ to present virtually on Microsoft Teams, explaining their research and where it could lead to in the modern world. Topics included:


Topic Group Name School/College
Vaccines The Lab Rats North Hertfordshire College
Modern Vs Traditional Medicine Medical Mega Minds Thomas Alleyne Academy
Cloning Control C North Hertfordshire College
Gene Editing Designer Genes North Hertfordshire College
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Differentiated into the Future Thomas Alleyne Academy
Evolution Mutant Ninja Turtles North Hertfordshire College
Monoclonal Antibodies Elisa Thomas Alleyne Academy
Stem Cells New Age of Science North Hertfordshire College


Arron Aatkar from GSK said: “It was really rewarding for all of us to see the hard work put in by the students come across in their presentations. They all did a really good job!”

The winning groups were Control C on ‘Cloning’ from NHC and Medical Mega Minds on ‘Modern Vs Traditional Medicine’ from TAA.

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