Published on April 4, 2019

Leaders In Science Programme

Since the start of the academic year Level 3 Applied Science and Level 3, Forensic Science students have been working on the Leaders in Science Programme, with a GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) research team.

Researchers Holly Bonfield, Youssef Shaalan, Luke Whitaker and Olivia Gatliff have helped the students develop workshops to deliver in Broom Barnes Primary School, in order for them to achieve their cadet awards.

Over the course of the programme, students developed a wide range of teamwork, leadership and communication skills in a range of contexts including digital communication, target setting, reviewing and improving practice. They got to visit the GSK site on 18th January and deliver their workshop to primary school students in March.

On Thursday 28th March, the students had their graduation where they received their Industrial Cadet certification as well as a celebration of all they had achieved on the programme. A huge well done to our students on their Industrial Cadet Awards:

  • Callum Baker (Silver Award)
  • Matthew Dunn (Silver Award)
  • Lauren Ball (Bronze Award)
  • Carie-Ann Williams (Bronze Award)
  • Mattia Piccolo (Bronze Award)
  • Harry Betts (Bronze Award)
  • Sajidah Begum (Bronze Award)
  • Jack White (Bronze Award)
  • Daniel Parker (Bronze Award)
  • Timothy Libinja (Bronze Award)
  • Maya Reeve (Bronze Award)
  • Emma Rouse (Bronze Award)
  • Safia Cole (Bronze Award)

A Broom Barnes Primary student said: “We enjoyed today because we did cool stuff.”

Their teacher added: “It was fantastic watching the students so engaged in these interactive workshops.”

Holly Bonfield, Industrial PhD Student, GSK said: “Brilliant first workshop. All the students’ seemed to really enjoy themselves, which is a good sign. They all worked really well together as a team, which showed how smooth the workshop went.”

Matthew Dunn, Level 3 Applied Science Student said: “I learnt a lot about what is needed to make something really good. I would recommend this [programme] to anyone.”

Callum Baker, Level 3 Forensic Science Student said: “I thought it would be easier but I’ve really developed where I found it difficult and can do a lot more as a result.”

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