Published on October 22, 2021

In a session that wasn’t for the faint-hearted, our Level 3 Sports Coaching students took part in a biology dissection and HN Sport and Exercise Science taster session.

Making the most of the newly renovated labs at our Hitchin Campus, the students dissected hearts to learn more about the physiological adaptations that help our bodies when playing sport or exercising. Through dissecting the hearts themselves, the students were able to understand and analyse the intricate structure of the organ.

Stephen Bidnell, who is studying for his Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development, found the session to be really useful for his understanding of the cardiovascular system. He said: “taking part in such a detailed practical really gives an insight into how the heart is structured and how it can lead to peak performance in sport.”

This practical session not only formed the perfect opportunity to have a more scientific look at the cardiovascular system in preparation for their next assignment, but also offered a taste of what it’s like to study sport and exercise science at degree-level. HNC/D sports science courses focus on the scientific principles behind sport, exercise, and physical activity, so getting to experience sessions like this in advance helps our students make confident decisions about their futures.

Our level 3 courses provide students with enough UCAS points to apply to university for further study. By providing a taste of what degree-level study is like, we hope that more of our students will feel comfortable with the transition into higher education.

Dissections are a tried and tested method for helping students of all levels, from secondary school through to higher education, gain an understanding of how anatomy works. Dr George Payne, HNC/D Programme Manager, said: “We all remember our Biology dissections from school and revisiting this method to better understand the structure and function of the heart is a must as a sport scientist. If you are thinking about becoming an exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, personal trainer or performance analyst, a sound knowledge of an athlete’s/client’s cardiovascular adaptations is vital.”

North Hertfordshire College’s courses provide a great pathway to further study, as well as providing experiences that help our students move seamlessly into careers. To find out more about studying at NHC, visit our Sport and Exercise Science showcase page!