Published on May 18, 2022

In order for our students to succeed in their future careers, it’s crucial that they are able to take part in practical experiences which support what they’ve been learning in class. That’s why North Hertfordshire College’s Public Services and Science departments were keen to be involved in the University of Bedfordshire’s Forensic Science Roadshow recently! 

Teams of students from our Public Services and Science courses were given a case briefing of a fictional crime, before donning their PPE and Tyvek suits and heading down to the mock crime scene set up on our campus. Here, the students were greeted with a selection of items scattered around the scene, ranging from cigarette butts to gloves and a screwdriver. To the untrained eye, it might have looked like litter – to our students, they formed the solution to the crime! 

Taking on the roles of Crime Scene Investigators, including site managers and photographers, the students worked together to select the three most crucial pieces of evidence that would then be sent for analysis. As part of the experience, they were guided through the key aspects of crime scene processing, including preservation, searching, recording, and recovery of evidence. Through roleplaying a crime scene investigation in this way, our students have been able to contextualise their learning and put it into action – a great opportunity for their personal and academic development. 

Not only did our students find the Roadshow to be a valuable experience for their learning, but they also found it to be an enjoyable one too! Maja Romejko, one of our Level 3 Public Services students, said: “I found the Forensic Science Roadshow very educational and interesting as it gave us an insight into what the career is all about. I felt super lucky to be able to experience this amazing opportunity.”


Dr Vicki Barlow, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at the University of Bedfordshire, said of the Roadshow: “It’s great to come out to the College to share this experience with the students who might be considering Forensic Science as a career in the future. These sessions give them an interactive experience that is reflective of real life so they can see a replication of the type of work they may be involved in. It was great to meet all the students at North Hertfordshire College who were really engaged and worked well as a team to solve the ‘case’!” 

Thank you again to the University of Bedfordshire for taking the time to share this opportunity with our students. 


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in forensic science, why not check out North Hertfordshire College’s available courses in Science and Public Services? Find the path that’s right for you as you work towards your dream career!