Published on December 6, 2022

Have you ever seen North Hertfordshire College post about something called ‘progress review week’ and wondered what on earth we’re going on about? Worry no further – Liz Calver, Head of Curriculum for Sport, Public Services, Business, and Travel at NHC is here to help!

We spoke to Liz to find out more about the activities students in her curriculum area took part in during progress review week to give you an insight into what it’s like to study here at NHC. So sit back, relax, and let Liz take you through the process:

First things first – what is progress review week?

“Progress review week (PRW) involves lots of different activities across the College. It’s an opportunity for all our students to receive a 1-2-1 session with their Course Team Leader, to discuss and review their progress on their programme so far and reflect on what they’ve learnt so far. The week also includes an opportunity to access wider enrichment activities related to their study programme.

“PRWs happen every half-term and they mean that we have regular points throughout our students’ learning journey to bring tutors and students together to set new goals and targets to achieve. We’re also able to focus in on how to continue to develop their skills and knowledge so they can achieve their full potential during their time with us.”

“In Public Services, our Level 2 and 3 students received an informative overview of the range of RAF careers open to them once they finish their studies at NHC. We also took our first-year Level 3 Public Services students on a trip to the Royal Courts of Justice in London, which was particularly exciting – they conducted mock trials during their visit to help bring their recent Law unit to life!

Looking back at the October 2022 progress review week, what activities did students take part in?

“October’s progress review week was a busy one, we had lots of different trips and activities across our courses.

“For Sports, Coaching, and Exercise Science, we had first-year Level 3 Sports, Coaching and Development students visiting Third Space Gym in London to raise their career aspirations and take part in some educational CPD. The students also received a visit from Herts Sports Partnership to find out more about their work and their upcoming work experience opportunities.

“We also saw the return of the Snow Dome trip with our second-year Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science and our HNC students, where they got some hands-on experience of the technology used in snow sports and the biomechanics of movement.”

From a teaching point of view, what has been successful about the activities and events?

“It’s really beneficial to have a week dedicated to reviewing the students’ progress. We’re also able to have dedicated time to enrich our students’ experience through meaningful trips and guest speaker inputs, all of which are hugely important and help to enhance our students’ learning journey.”

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