Published on March 6, 2023

How’s this for a hands-on approach to learning first aid? Our Level 3 Health & Social Care students have completed their First Aid Awareness sessions, using make-up to create fake wounds before learning how to treat them!

If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best to stop reading here – the make-up is rather convincing…

Course Team Leader for the Level 3 Health and Social Care programme, Cheryl Hall, took the learners through an afternoon of creating fake wounds on their hands and arms. With their new (fake) injuries quite literally in hand, our students then learnt how to clean and dress the wounds. A core component to the session was learning about essential infection control and first aid skills so that learners can provide good first aid responses to injured people.

As well as learning how to deal with wounds and minor injuries, the practical session also covered a range of other first aid skills and emergency procedures that will certainly help our students when it comes to starting their careers. They even learnt how to carry out CPR safely!

Lilli Court-Holmes, one of NHC’s Level 3 Health and Social Care students, told us: “The session on first aid helped me with learning how to wrap a hand safely and securely. I also learnt about the different types of cuts and how you would stitch them, which was really interesting.”

Cheryl Hall, who orchestrated the session, commented: “First aid is not only essential for working in the health and social care sector, but is valuable for life in general. By completing this work we hope to better prepare our young people for the future.”

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your career in the Health and Social Care sector, check out North Hertfordshire College’s Health and Social Care courses! With NHC, you can stay close to home as you unlock the key skills you need to go far in your future career.