Published on December 16, 2020

During October, we held a photography competition known as ‘Hart in a Snapshot’, highlighting the year 2020 and what it meant to our students and staff here at the college.

With working from home becoming the new norm, it was important for us as a college to adapt to the changes and make use of what we could do for our students. Online video calls were becoming frequent and virtual classes became the new thing. We wanted our students to show how they adapted to the new college lifestyle and capture events that took place throughout the year with ‘Snapshots’ to capture the moments.

In creating our prospectus for 2020/21, we wanted our students to participate by showcasing pictures they’ve taken this year to capture several topics we value at NHC.

We wanted each photography entry to incorporate an element of one or more of these categories:

  • Caring and community: What have you been involved in or been inspired and moved by during this unusual time? Try and capture this in a photograph that is personal to the way you feel.
  • College life: How have you and your friends coped with the new environment and restrictions on your daily life? Give us an insight into your student or working life.
  • Self: You may have struggled with lockdown or the pressures of modern life. Reflect your highs or lows in your photographs.
  • Family: Get past the cheesy snapshot to capture the bonds you share. Tell us your story through your photograph.
  • Environment: The pandemic has overshadowed issues around climate change. How do you feel about this? Let your joy for nature shine or your frustration at the harm we are doing define your image.
  • Issues: Black lives matter. LGBTQ+. Disability. Equality. How do these or other issues affect you? Proud or angry, let your photographs shout about how you feel.

The competition closed on Friday 13th November with entries covering all our NHC values. Competition winner received a £100 gift voucher of their choice with our runners up receiving a £50 voucher of their choice.

Competition Winner: Rachel Matthews, Deputy Head for Creative & Performing Arts

Runners up: Ben from Creative & Performing Arts, Charlotte Mathieson from Supported Studies and Elizabeth Goldthorpe from Exams.

Take a look at our favourite ‘Snapshots’ of 2020.