Published on November 21, 2022

As part of their unit on Human Lifespan Development, North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Health and Social Care students have brought their maths skills into the classroom for activities focused on baby measurements. This activity helped put their essential maths skills into perspective alongside the key occupational skills for the sector, gaining a better understanding of the work they’ll be doing in their future careers.

Our learners took a variety of measurements during their sessions to plot them on growth charts to monitor babies’ growth over time and compare them against norms. Learners reviewed the measurements in relation to centile lines on graphs, representing the values of measurements from a large number of babies and displaying the ‘norms’ of growth.

Honey, one of our Level 3 Health & Social Care students, said: “I found the lesson useful and fun as it made me learn more about infancy and how a baby’s head measurements can be recorded.”

Taking essential baby measurements, including head circumference, is a practical way that baby growth is assessed to monitor a baby’s development. Comparing measurements against norms also helps healthcare workers to spot and monitor any signs of ill health and development problems, making them a crucial element of baby development checks.

As a result of this session, our learners have not only gained practical experience in completing baby measurement checks but have also reinforced the importance of keeping their maths skills sharpened.

Anna Copper, one of our Health & Social Care tutors, said: “Combining the maths required to understand growth charts and the theoretical concepts of growth and development can be difficult to grasp, but this practical approach helped our learners to really understand both how and why growth is monitored.”


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