Published on June 27, 2022

As part of North Hertfordshire College’s Give A Future campaign, our students have been working with a range of local and national employers to build the industry experience they need for their future careers. Take Re:View Creative, for example! They’re a local graphic design and creative agency, who have been working with Isabelle, one of NHC’s Level 3 Graphic Design students, since September 2021.

Find out more about their experience of the Give A Future campaign in this open letter from Re:View’s Design Director, Craig Jackson!

“As a company, we feel strongly on the subject of giving back to the industry. We have taken an active role in bringing through the latest crop of creative talent over several years, bringing young creatives through a positive process at our studio by giving them either a full-time placement or sandwich day working around their coursework, depending on where they are at with their studies.

“As the Design Director, I have managed Isabelle’s projects and set tasks for them over the time that they have been with us. One of the first things I would mention about the overall process is that I was pleasantly surprised with the level of skill which Isabelle came to us with. As we have worked with Isabelle, we have given them more live work than I initially expected and they have worked their way through any tasks set with a minimal amount of input and adjustment from the team.

“Working with Isabelle has been a pleasure, so much so that we have extended our offer to work with them into their upcoming university course and offer them time in the studio around their studies.

“We look forward to continuing to support Isabelle in their career and through their university journey and can safely say this internship has definitely been a success story in our eyes.”

We’re thrilled that the Re:View team have had such a positive experience of working with Isabelle, and that Isabelle shares the same positivity. They said: “I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Re:View Creative. It’s been such an eyeopener to be able to work in a real graphic design studio. I feel really lucky to be given this opportunity and learn what it’s like in the workspace. I have worked on everything from leaflets and websites to vehicle graphics. I’m so grateful to have been able to do this at my age.”

Thank you again to Re:View Creative for taking part in the Give A Future campaign! If you’re an employer who is also looking to give back to the next generation, be sure to check out our Give A Future page for more information on how to get involved.