Published on October 12, 2020

My name is Rachel Richmond and I studied a Level 3 Fashion Diploma at NHC.

Students should study a fashion course at NHC because it allows you to explore areas of fashion that the industry has to offer before entering the industry. Also, it prepares you for studying at university at BA (Hons) or HNC/D level if you decide to take studying fashion further.

NHC teaches professional fashion skills including using industrial machines, which they use within the industry. This will give you a head start as there aren’t many courses that offer these resources and if you choose to go to university, you won’t have to do a foundation year as this course offers the same structure as a foundation course, which art universities encourage students to take before the BA Honours. Towards the end of the year, we’re also given the opportunity to showcase their final pieces at the Fragments Fashion Show.

The course taught me to construct garments for the first time that I had designed myself, fashion illustration skills and working drawings. I also learnt about the different aspects of fashion aiding me with my decision in what I wanted to study at university as well as my future career.

I found this course enjoyable as I was able to express myself through the clothes that I made and deliver the message and concept I wanted to say through my work that I couldn’t express through words. This course gave me the confidence to be able to communicate with people and to talk in front of a room of people about my work which I found difficult to do before doing this course.

I am currently studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design at the University for Creative Arts in Kent. Level 3 Fashion prepared me for this course, giving the structure of how fashion is taught at a higher education standard making the transition from college to university seem less intimidating as I expected it to be.

Currently, I am producing work at an industry level, developing my skills further from what I learnt at NHC, exploring areas in the different market levels in fashion and learning new techniques.

After finishing University, I want to start my own affordable luxury streetwear fashion brand making clothes to make women and men feel good about themselves through the clothes that they wear.

If fashion is something you’re interested in, NHC has a wide range of courses to help you follow your passion. View our full course offers here.