Published on January 21, 2022

In a session that not only supports what our students learn in their lessons but also helps provide them with crucial life skills, our Health and Social Care students recently took part in a session with Stevenage’s Red Watch Fire Crew to learn more about the dangers of unsafe driving.  

During the session, our students learnt more about measures they can take to protect themselves when driving or riding in a car, as well as what dangers are involved with unsafe driving. Our students also got to experience a demonstration of a rescue from a road traffic collision, with three of our learners sitting in the demo car as the roof was cut off and removed! 

Eleanor Rein, one of our Level 3 Health and Social Care students, commented “the trip was quite an experience because the firefighters put us in a car and took it apart safely like they would in the event of a car accident. One of the firefighters talked us through the procedure so we understood and knew what they were doing.” 

Anna Copper, one of our Health and Social Care tutors, commented that “being able to practically see and experience the consequences of dangerous driving for themselves teaches our learners so much more than we can do in the classroom and for this, we are grateful to the Fire Service’s continued support.” 

Thank you again to the Red Watch for taking the time to demonstrate the importance of this issue to our students.