Published on July 27, 2022

Lucy Stockwell completed her GCSEs in English and Maths with North Hertfordshire College and is now on the path of training to be a teacher. Retaking her GCSEs was a requirement of completing her teacher training course, and her success at the College has enabled her to take the next step in her career.

Lucy chose to attend the College because of the good pass rate and reputation for student support. “I knew I would get great support from North Hertfordshire College,” she said, “and this gave me the confidence to join the classes.”

The positive learning environment which Lucy experienced also contributed to her enjoyment of the course. “I enjoyed being in the classroom and engaging with the lesson material, as the tutor supported my learning and also made it enjoyable.”

Lucy enjoyed her time at North Hertfordshire College and feels like the course has left a positive impact. She said: “Even if I wasn’t taking my PGCE, I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in English and maths.” English and maths knowledge is essential to many parts of daily life, and often in ways you wouldn’t normally think of. Confidence in these areas, therefore, helps create more confidence overall.

Callum Freeman, an English tutor at North Hertfordshire College, praised Lucy’s dedication to her learning. “Lucy’s hard work through adversity was truly incredible; she was the definition of the ‘pillar’ of the classroom. Her continued ambition and perseverance allowed her to achieve the grade she wanted.”

If you’re interested in retaking your GCSEs, then North Hertfordshire College’s part-time courses are just what you’re looking for! Learn in a positive and supportive environment as you work towards the grade your need for the next step in your career. Find out more on our GCSE showcase page!