Published on July 22, 2021

Ben Bergeon Ward is studying Level 3 Computing Networking and Digital Design Diploma, and this year completed his work placement with Fall of the Wall (FOTW) who specialise in  Creative, Video Production, TV Advertising and Digital Content. FOTW contacted the college after hearing about the Give a Future campaign.

Ben Bergeon Ward has been progressing in his placement since January 2021 gaining new skills and becoming a valuable asset to FOTW. In his placement he undertakes a range of duties including managing incoming support requests, 1st Line IT support tasks and maintenance tasks as well as shadowing IT support above 1st line to gain a better understanding of the industry.

Ben, said of his placement: “I went into the work experience not knowing what to expect the support that I have received has been overwhelming as everyone has been so nice, helpful and welcoming. The support from Alex has been amazing and I have been given many resources required to complete my role, from a laptop to a network toolkit.

“I have learnt a lot about networking with FOTW from the software they use to make sure everything is working smoothly to the hardware that powers their business. If I was to pursue a career in this industry, I feel I have learnt so much including how to set up a network, how to monitor a network and how to make sure that it is working smoothly 24/7.

“Overall, this placement has been going very well so far and I cannot wait for the rest of my time there to expand on my knowledge and skills even more then hopefully pursue a career in this field after college”

Fall Off The Wall LogoAlex Campkin – Fall off the Wall (FOTW) – IT Manager: “Ben has been with Fall Off The Wall since January and has proven invaluable to the IT department and has consistently exceeded expectations while remaining upbeat and eager to learn. We are excited to see how Ben continues to develop during his time with us and have been extremely happy to have him on board.”