Published on December 16, 2020

Students from level 3 computing and the foundation degree in computing took part in our first online careers event hosted by Computacenter. Staff from Computacenter offices across the country joined the event to give students the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what it is like to work in a global company.

Students took part in a full day of activities, including challenges to test their ability in an assessment centre, speed networking with over 20 employer champions and an online interactive quiz where the students were responsible for deciding the fate of a fictional organisation

The event provided a breadth of information, advice and support for our students showing them exactly what it’s like to work in Computacenter. The students met staff who had previously been in their position to understand how they can move into their ideal career and then progress.

Student feedback for the event was really positive, with one student saying “I really enjoyed it. I got some good feedback on the first exercise about how to better my teamwork ability which I’m definitely taking on board. Towards the end I really enjoyed the interactive game, it made it more fun. Definitely one of the best guest events I’ve been to at the college for sure.”

Computing tutor, Rob Chambers said: “This was a valuable opportunity with Computacenter, giving students the chance to participate in team activities with leading industry practitioners, and to network with them in Q&A sessions.”