Published on January 19, 2022

At North Hertfordshire College, we’re always looking for ways to extend and support our students’ learning. That’s why we’ve introduced Century Tech to our maths and English programme! 

Century Tech is an exciting online learning platform that offers a range of high-quality learning materials (nuggets), quizzes, and assessments in English and maths topics. Through using artificial intelligence technology, Century Tech learns alongside our students to pick out areas of strength and room for improvement for every student. Each student will then have their own personalised recommendations and study path featuring the best topics for them to focus on. This also helps our teaching teams with planning and monitoring progress. 

All NHC students who are on a maths and English programme will be able to use Century Tech to support their learning, helping them build key skills independently outside of lessons. Every completed nugget earns points, allowing students to compete against their classmates for the top spot. Student points also contribute to NHC’s combined total, helping the College climb the leaderboard and compete against other colleges and education providers around the country. 

For added convenience, Century Tech can be used on any smart device, whether that’s a computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone. Some nuggets can even be completed in five minutes, meaning our students can brush up on their maths and English skills anywhere – like on their journey to college! 

We’re really excited to be bringing this technology to our students. Rebecca Rutherford, Head of Maths & English for North Hertfordshire College, said: “Already we can see how much Century Tech has supported our students. The more nuggets they are answering shows how their skills are really progressing. We’ve seen some great achievements so far – our current highest achiever has completed over 18 hours of questions already! We’re really looking forward to seeing this continue over the next few months.” 

Some of our students have been testing Century Tech before the launch to the wider College community and have found it really beneficial to their learning. Sandra Shirley, one of our GCSE English students, said: “Century is an awesome app. I love that the individual nuggets allow you to spend as little or as long as you want. I use it to take notes in my book to refer back to. I cannot recommend it highly enough!” 

To find out more about how Century Tech supports our maths and English programmes, and for more information on how to log in, please visit our helpful guide.