Published on March 18, 2022

One of the ways that the student voice gets heard at North Hertfordshire College is through the Student Council and Student Governor. This year, NHC’s Student Governor is Seb Sabine, a Level 3 Electrical Installation student with a passion for the environment and sustainability. We sat down with him to find out more about his role as Student Governor, and how he’s finding his time at NHC so far!

What do you do as NHC’s Student Governor? 

“As the Student Governor, I’m basically the bridge between the Student Council and the Board of Governors. There are three layers to the student side of things: the students themselves, then the student reps, and then me as the Governor. I help make sure the Board of Governors know that the students are getting the experiences they want and expect. If the students think something is missing the mark, then I’m there to pass that message on.” 

Why did you decide to run for Student Governor? 

“Ever since I was in primary school, I’ve wanted to be able to listen and help people. I’ve always been a good listener. So, when I was offered the role, I said that I would try my best to portray how people feel.” 

What sort of activities and events have you organised since becoming Student Governor? 

“Through the Student Council, we’ve organised specific weeks to focus on important topics such as Equality, Diversion, and Inclusion (EDI) and mental health. I’m really passionate about sustainability, so I’ve made that my personal task for this year. We ran Sustainability Week across all of our campuses recently, where we gave out information to students and introduced more recycling facilities to the College. I’m looking forward to running more events like that in the future!” 


Thinking back on your experiences at NHC so far, what has been one of your highlights? 

“Last year, when I was studying my Level 2 course, one of my practical tutors made me realise that I really could make a career out of being an electrician. He gave me the confidence to plan for my future and work out what I want to do, which I really appreciate. The tutors have so much experience and do an amazing job in passing along their knowledge.” 

Once you finish your course at NHC, what are your future plans? 

“I think my next career steps are to join an electrical company and work with domestic households. I’d also like to fully complete my AM2 qualification, too. Ultimately, my goal is to run my own electrical firm one day!” 

Any closing thoughts? 

“I’m glad I came to NHC, that I sat down and took the time to consider my options before coming to study here because it has really helped me. The tutors are reliable and there is a real tone of positivity. I’ve learnt so many things that are crucial for working in the trade, and have also improved my maths, which is all really important.” 

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