Published on June 7, 2022

Sabina previously studied at North Hertfordshire College as part of her education journey. She studied the ESOL course, to begin with, before moving on to GCSE English. Now, Sabina is studying for her A-levels in preparation for her exams in Summer 2022.

Sabina said: “I have studied GCSE English to be able to complete my A-levels so I can study at university in the future. I am interested in becoming a health professional, and maybe becoming a GP.”

One of her reasons for studying with North Hertfordshire College was her previous positive experience as part of her ESOL course. Her positive experience with her tutor meant she was keen to return to studying at the College. She said: “It was great to study at North Hertfordshire College. For a student who didn’t speak any English just five years before my course started, it was a great achievement.”

Sabina described the study materials provided as being particularly beneficial to her learning. “They helped me to develop knowledge and skills in cognitive writing and distinguish types of writing.”

Now Sabina has finished her course, she is preparing to take her A-level exams in the Summer of 2022. Commenting on how her course helped her on her journey, Sabina said: “The course definitely benefitted me significantly. My writing and vocabulary are improved, and I am on the next step of my education and development ladder to becoming a professional.”

Callum Freeman, English tutor at North Hertfordshire College, is proud of Sabina’s success over the course of her studies. He said: “Sabina studied with us for a few years working her way up to GCSE. Her commitment and desire to achieve the qualification she wanted was admirable.”

If you’re interested in working towards your GCSEs, or you’re looking to improve your English language speaking and writing skills, then why not check out North Hertfordshire College’s available courses? We’re here to help you find who you want to be!