Published on April 11, 2022

Asmaa, one of North Hertfordshire College’s adult learners, completed her GCSE in English two years ago. Since completing her studies, she has gone on to further the skills she developed on her course and is preparing to re-enter the medical profession.

Asmaa was motivated to study GCSE English because she wanted to learn more of the language. “I was stuck at a level where I couldn’t move forward,” she said. “I’m a doctor back home in Algeria. I studied in French and my native language is Arabic. This was the best opportunity to improve my fluency in speaking, writing, and reading.”

One of the key reasons Asmaa chose her course was because of the enthusiasm of her tutor. “He was full of energy to support and help the students and was very professional. He was keen on motivating his students.” She is also very complimentary of the College as a whole, saying “the whole atmosphere was great for learning.”

After finishing her course, Asmaa plans to continue improving her English until she is ready to return to practicing medicine after having her baby. Now, Asmaa is keeping herself busy by reading lots of books to further her learning and preparing for her upcoming exams to re-enter the medical field.

When asked if she thought the course benefitted her, Asmaa is very enthusiastic. “A 100% yes! It was a great experience!”

Asmaa’s tutor, Callum Freeman, is full of praise for Asmaa’s achievements. “As a non-native speaker, Asmaa’s desire to develop was outstanding. Her final result truly reflected the tremendous amount of work and effort she put in.”

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