Published on August 31, 2022

Did you know that a course from North Hertfordshire College can open doors to university study? 

Millie Albon, one of NHC’s Level 3 Travel & Tourism students, has finished her course and is now preparing for her move to university, where she’ll take her studies and knowledge of the tourism sector to the next level.  

What was the most interesting part of your course? 

“The most interesting part of my course was getting to study a range of different sectors and organisations within the industry. There were so many different elements to learn about!” 

What was the most surprising thing about studying at NHC? 

“I was surprised about how many resources we had access to in comparison to being at school. The library and computers are always readily available for us to use for assignments and studying, which is really useful.” 

What are your next steps after you finish your course? 

“Now that I’ve completed my course, my next step is to move on to higher education. I’ve accepted a place at university, so I’m going to be starting a degree in Tourism Management in September. This course gave me a great foundation of knowledge that has helped me progress into university and study the sector further. 

“The course has also opened my mind up to the number of career opportunities that are open to me, which means I now know the sorts of companies to research for future employment. In five years’ time, I hope to have graduated from my university course and be using my degree to be working in the industry.” 

If you could say anything to someone that is thinking about studying at NHC, what would you say? 

“I would say that NHC is a really supportive college. The tutors want to see you succeed, and they’re there to help you out. The Travel and Tourism programme is really interesting, there’s so much in the industry to learn about.” 


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