Published on August 30, 2022

Choosing what to do after you finish your GCSEs can be a hard decision, especially as there are so many options open to you. However, sometimes the decision is as easy as knowing what you’re passionate about and where you want your career to go, and just following the dream – like Freddy McGovern did!

Freddy is now at the end of his BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business at North Hertfordshire College. We spoke to him to find out more about why he chose his course and NHC, and where his new qualification is going to take him.

Why did you choose to study Business at North Hertfordshire College? 

“I wanted to focus on Business rather than multiple subjects at sixth form. I always knew I wanted to work within the business sector, so studying this full-time seemed like a good way forward.”

What has been the most interesting part of your course? 

“The most interesting part of my course was the ‘Pitching a New Business’ task. We had to work in groups to come up with our own project and then pitched it as part of our assignment. My group came up with the business ‘sol3 purpose’, which was a sport trainer which had 3 interchangeable soles for different sports. It was interesting to consider business factors in a creative challenge like that, it helped to bring everything we’d learnt into one practical task.”

What was the most surprising thing about studying at the College? 

“I was surprised with how much freedom my college timetable gave me compared to when I was at school. I had plenty of time to complete my assignment work to a high standard as well as work in a part-time job.”

Now that you’re coming to the end of your course, what are your next steps? 

“I’ve got a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship lined up with Alchemy Creations Ltd, who I’ve been doing work experience with this academic year. I’m really looking forward to this, and it’s great to have my next steps secured before the end of the academic year. I want to use the apprenticeship as a good experience to help me find further opportunities in digital marketing or the broader business sector.

“This course has been really helpful in getting me to the next step in my career. It gave me a good idea of what type of business and industry I wanted to get into and gave me an understanding of what business is like in the real world. I’ve also been able to think creatively on a variety of topics, which is something that I’ll be able to transfer into the world of work.”

One last question: if you were to speak to someone that’s thinking about joining NHC, what would you tell them? 

“The College is a more relaxed environment to study in than school. The teachers are very supportive and helpful, and they make the programme really interesting.”


If you’d like to follow in Freddy’s footsteps and start the journey to your career in the business sector, why not join a Business course at North Hertfordshire College?