Published on February 28, 2023

Did you know that North Hertfordshire College offers a selection of Higher Education courses for adult learners? Ranging from Access to HE programmes to HNC/Ds and Foundation Degrees, our courses are designed to help adult learners further their knowledge and achieve their career goals.

Meet Chamoda Chandasekara, who studied the first year of her Radiography degree through NHC as part of an Extended Degree in Science. Now at the end of the final year of her degree, Chamoda has applied her NHC experience to the challenge of university study and we’re proud to share that she’s already been offered a radiography role in a hospital for the end of her studies!

Find out more about Chamoda’s NHC Higher Education experience in her case study:

Why did you choose NHC for your Extended Degree in Science? 

“I found the course through clearing after deciding to change my degree at the last minute. The NHC staff were very supportive in helping me achieve my ambitions from the beginning, which made it easy for me to decide on attending the College for the initial year of my degree.

“We were the year that experienced disruption to our learning through the Covid-19 pandemic, which was something the teachers handled professionally despite the stressful circumstances. All of this proves that my decision to do my initial year at NHC was the right decision to make.”

What inspired you to study radiography and pursue a career in the field? 

“I heard there was an extensive need for radiographers, and I wanted to study a degree that was worthwhile and would be able to help me get a job as soon as I graduated. I knew I wanted to work in healthcare and the idea of helping others has always been a lifelong ambition, so when I heard about radiography, I wanted to apply. I was really drawn to the fact that the degree incorporated practical elements alongside lectures, which enhanced my learning and took my level of understanding to another level.”

How did NHC prepare you for your degree? 

“I liked how the initial year was laid out, integrating teaching that was up to university standards. I got to experience a wide range of assignments and exams which allowed me to be in a better position than some of my peers at university. Some of the assignments we did during the Extended Degree included university-level presentations and dissertation-style projects towards the end of the programme. I got to experience similar assignments within my undergraduate years and, because I was aware of the basics, I managed to handle a lot of difficult assignments easily.

“I also enjoyed all the privileges that other undergraduates have, as NHC have access to everything that the University of Hertfordshire has to offer.”

What skills and experiences from your time at NHC have you used in your degree? 

“I learnt how to reference during my foundation year at NHC, and I still use the tips and recommendations from my college tutors now that I’m in my final year of study at university. These methods have helped me enhance my writing and achieve grades I didn’t think were possible. I have become more comfortable in participating in group-work projects whilst also working independently. I’m also able to meet deadlines whilst balancing my student social life as well.

“The NHC staff are spectacular and still support me to become the best I possibly can be. I’m truly grateful that I attended the College as I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without that year.”

Looking towards the future, where do you hope your degree and career will take you?

“I have already been offered a radiography role in a hospital for when I complete my degree. I hope that, in the future, I get to be in a position where I’m respected for my hard work and dedication. I also hope to be able to guide others to achieve their dreams and desires.

“Above all, I hope I would have experienced a wide range of experience within my career and challenge myself to do the unexpected without settling for what is easy.”


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