Published on April 19, 2022

At North Hertfordshire College, we’re here to help you along your education and career journey to get to wherever you want to be in life. We’re supported in this goal by our friends at Hart Learning & Development, who offer apprenticeship opportunities and work-based training programmes. Recently, North Hertfordshire College and Hart Learning & Development teams worked together to come up with a plan to help a local secondary school student to find the next step in their career 

Back in 2021, Julie Purdie (Apprenticeship Programme Manager for Hart Learning & Development) visited Barnwell School to discuss apprenticeships and to set up a Property Maintenance apprenticeship at the school. During the visit, Julie met Josh, a student at Barnwell who has dreams of working as a carpenter.  

Josh was coming up to the end of his time at Barnwell but, due to a variety of reasons, wasn’t quite ready for an apprenticeship yet. Rather than ending things there, Julie worked with Barnwell’s Assistant Head Teacher, Jackie Johnson, to come up with a plan on how to help Josh with his career goals – which is how Josh ended up taking part in some practical carpentry sessions at North Hertfordshire College. 

During his visits to NHC, Josh was buddied up with two of our first-year apprentices, who helped support him with the practical workshop sessions and share what they’ve already learnt on their programmes. These visits were very successful and Josh enjoyed the course content, to the point that NHC’s Carpentry team recommended that Josh apply to join the College in September on a Level 1 Carpentry course with the view to potentially become an apprentice in a year or so if he felt ready. We’re thrilled to say that Josh has now submitted his application, ready to join us in the new academic year! 

Jackie Johnson, Assistant Head Teacher at Barnwell School, said: “Thank you to Julie Purdie and the NHC team for helping to support Josh. You have given Josh the confidence to focus on achieving his goals. 3 months ago, Josh would never have believed that he could have joined you for the sessions, but it’s absolutely the next step of his learning journey.” 

We’re looking forward to seeing what Josh does next! 

If you’re interested in a career in carpentry or the construction industry, why not check out North Hertfordshire College’s available construction courses?