Published on August 17, 2022

Emma Locke, one of North Hertfordshire College’s Beauty Therapy students, has been on placement with TLC Medi Spa as part of her course. During her mid-placement review, Emma received feedback of ‘Exceeding Expectations’ – the highest award you can achieve!

We spoke to Emma to find out more about her NHC and placement journey, as well as her future plans. Keep reading to the end of the interview to see a sneak peek at some of the feedback Emma received for her placement!

Why did you choose to study your course at NHC?

“I chose to study Beauty Therapy because I have always wanted to be a beauty therapist ever since I was young. I used to watch one of my family members when she was doing her own job as a beauty therapist, and I knew that I really wanted to do that myself as a career.”

Why did you choose your placement organisation?

“I chose TLC because when I first went for my interview, I instantly felt welcome. They were really helpful and friendly, and I knew that they would be the best place to get some work experience from.”

What was the most interesting part of your placement?

“The most interesting part of my work placement was being able to see how the industry works in the real world outside of college. I also really enjoyed learning new treatments that I might not have learnt anywhere else.

“I was thrilled to be offered a job after my work experience, as I was really happy working with TLC. I’ll now be able to work up towards being a full-time therapist, all whilst working at TLC.”

What are your next steps after the programme finishes?

“When I finish my Level 3 course, I’d like to keep pushing myself to learn even more treatments – I want to be able to do all the treatments that TLC offer. In five years’ time, I’d like to be starting my own business and using all the support and experience I’ve picked up to do that.”

If you were to recommend the college to a friend, why would you tell them to come to NHC?

“I would tell them that the College is very supportive and their connections are great. NHC has helped me work towards my dream job and, because of the support I got, I can say that I have now started my dream career.”


Psst… want to take a sneak peek at what Emma’s placement supervisor had to say? When completing Emma’s mid-placement review, Kim from TLC Medi Spa said:

“Emma has exceeded my expectations in her ability to work efficiently and communicate appropriately. She demonstrates professional behaviour and takes responsibility for her actions. TLC Medi Spa has high expectations, which Emma meets through her knowledge and technical skills. Emma has acted in a variety of roles including beauty therapist, receptionist, and cleaning duties. The team are very impressed with Emma’s willingness to learn, having been introduced to a variety of different treatments that she had either never done before or hadn’t heard of.

“The team believe that Emma will be an all-around good therapist.”


Could you follow in Emma’s footsteps? Start the journey to your future with a Beauty Therapy course with North Hertfordshire College.