Published on March 31, 2022

An understanding of the legal system is essential knowledge for everyone, especially those who are studying or planning to work in business. Students on North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business course recently visited a series of courts in London, including the Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln Inn, and the Old Bailey, to help support their understanding of how the legal system works.

This trip linked directly with the English Legal System unit that the students are currently studying and helped them to understand the court structure, personnel of the courts, the process of presenting cases, and to learn more about our country’s legal history. Our students also had an opportunity to sit in the Public Gallery of The Old Bailey and watch a number of serious cases unfold over the course of the day.

Tyler Barham, a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business student at NHC, said: “I found the experience to be so informative, in particular being able to see how the courtroom was organised, as well as how the barristers actually communicated with the judge.”

As our students found out, the Crown Court sitting in the Old Bailey hears the major criminal cases from within Greater London… so our students had a chance to hear a number of cases including murder trials as well as a historical case that was being retried due to advances in DNA evidence!

Jenna Julien, one of NHC’s Business students said: “The trip to the Old Bailey and the Royal Court of Justice really brought what we had already learnt in class to life. Being able to view real cases and having a tour around the court will be an experience I will never forget. It was especially interesting, as I am hoping to join the police in the future.”

Liz Calver, NHC’s Head of Sport, Public Services, Business, and Travel, said: “This brings law and politics into context for the students, where they can see how their studies in class play out in real life. The students showed real curiosity whilst sitting in the public gallery at the Old Bailey, and I hope this experience will stay with them.”

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