Published on November 8, 2022

At the end of the 2021/22 academic year, North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Business students rounded off their course with a work experience project led by Displayplan, a global design, branding, and marketing company based in Hitchin!

The fifteen-hour project launched with a presentation about what Displayplan does as a business and who their clients are. Our students then joined in with a discussion about retail experiences, starting with the big picture view before discussing their own retail experiences such as what they see and how they shop.

The students were then split into teams to create a ‘proof-of-concept design brief’ for a retail experience for their choice of client. Throughout the project, our learners completed work activities based around Displayplan’s key business areas: Insight & Strategy, Design & Development, Digital Innovation, Global Supply, Programme Management, and Sustainability.

The students came up with some creative ideas that involved technology innovations and engaging customer interactions – more information about their design pitches can be found on Displayplan’s blog.

The initiative has been so successful that Displayplan will be leading another work experience with our Level 3 Graphic Design students this academic year!

A representative from Displayplan said: “Working with the community has long been something we are passionate about at Displayplan. So, when presented with the opportunity to provide a team-based work experience project for students and connect with inspiring young minds, we jumped at it! We were impressed by the students’ teamwork, creative thinking, interpersonal, and presentation skills. Particularly remarkable was the students’ resolve in working through nerves and their ability to think fast (with no time to prepare) when being asked questions by different functional managers. The project was, to us, a complete triumph.”


Thank you again to Displayplan for working with our students and providing such valuable work experience opportunities. Read more about the project on the Displayplan website visit their website.


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