Published on December 14, 2021

The best way for our students to truly understand what they’ve been learning in their classes is to see things in action. Take business and tourism, for example – understanding the theory of best practice is all well and good but being able to identify elements of this in real businesses is even better! That’s why our business and travel students have been taking part in lots of trips recently to further their learning.

Level 2 Business took a trip to the BMW showroom in Stevenage to learn more about how BMW operates. Whilst there, our students took a tour of the premises and enjoyed a presentation about the inner workings of the successful company. We’re pretty confident that the trip and speech has made a big impact on the students – Kai Collinson, one of the students, said: “it’s been the best experience so far on the course!”

Not to be left out, our Level 3 Travel and Tourism students visited the Hotel Cromwell as part of their customer service unit. The Hotel Cromwell is a historic fixture in Stevenage Old Town and was once home to John Thurlowe (Oliver Cromwell’s secretary). Our students took a tour around the hotel and enjoyed a presentation with the events manager about what it’s like to work at the Hotel.

The students enjoyed being able to peek behind the curtain of the historical hotel, especially following the recent refurbishment.

Vicky Lang, one of our Business and Travel lecturers, said: “trips like these enrich the students’ experience and allows them to see the inner workings of a business. They are exposed to real-life vocations which ensures the learning in the classroom has a holistic impact – I believe they’re an essential part of the student journey!”

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