Published on June 23, 2022

Did you know that all of North Hertfordshire College’s Child Development Studies students take part in Step-Up days delivered by their department?

Giving students the opportunity to learn more about what it will be like when they progress on to the next course allows them to make confident decisions about the next step in their career journey and encourages them to think about the future.


Visiting a local woodland, our Child Development Studies students were split into groups according to their current programme level where they took part in a range of outdoor learning activities themed around the season, including the bluebells in bloom. The activities, designed for Early Years settings, helped to reinforce their understanding of child development and learning through practical activities.

Following the trip, our students headed back to the classroom for a sample lesson delivered by NHC’s tutors. This session functioned as a mini version of the higher level of their course, connecting the activities they’d completed with the curriculum of the next course stage. Students were also asked to complete a short written exercise, which was then marked in line with the standards of the course the students are aiming to progress into. 

Runa Nuncarrow, who is currently studying on a Level 2 Child Development Studies course, said: “This Step-Up day was really helpful to me; I have a better understanding of the standard of work I will need to produce on a level 3 course now that I’ve experienced a bit of it first-hand.” 

One of North Hertfordshire College’s current Level 1 Child Development Studies students said: “I really enjoyed going into the woods, I haven’t seen bluebells like that before! It’s helped me to see what types of activities I can do with children and how to plan these sessions. I’m excited to start a level 2 course in September now.” 


If you’re interested in learning more about childcare and how children learn, why not check out North Hertfordshire College’s Child Development Studies courses? Who do you want to be?