Published on January 31, 2019

As part of North Hertfordshire College’s (NHC) health and well-being month, the Aspire +B students have been working hard on Aspiring rock project. These rocks are part of a project to spread positivity and well-being around NHC.

Since the autumn term, the students have been collecting and painting the rocks, then attaching inspirational messages. The point of the project is to uplift the NHC community. For some, finding a rock with just the right message of inspiration at just the right time might just change everything.

The rocks will soon be distributed across campuses and it’s easy for both students and staff to get involved by following the steps below.

Step One: Find a rock (one may appear on your desk or you may stumble upon one around campus)

Step Two: Love and enjoy your rock

Step Three: Take a picture and send to ehill@nhc.ac.uk with a message or you can share it on social using the hashtag #aspirerocks and tagging NHC (@NorthHertsCollege for Instagram and @N_HertsCollege on Twitter).

Step Four: Pass on the rock to a fellow student or member of staff who may need a little lift or encouragement.

Step Five: Return the rock at the end of the summer term to Emily Hill or at your campus collection point (location TBC). All the rocks will be brought together again for the supported studies ‘Especially Art Exhibition’.

All the will be on display and there will also be an opportunity to purchase a rock at the exhibition, with all proceeds going back into resources for the Aspire + B students.

From Monday 4th February the rocks will be distributed across all three campuses. All rocks must be shared internally and not be removed from campus.

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