Published on October 15, 2021

Students at our Hitchin Campus received a hard-hitting talk from inspirational speakers Dave Wilson and Sarah Drage on the devastating effects of alcoholism. Both speakers have previous experience with alcohol use disorder within their personal lives, and now run charities and support services to help others who are also going through similar issues.

With some of our students preparing to go to university after they’ve finished their course, Dave stressed the importance of practising mindful drinking to avoid overindulgence and feeling out of control. Dave highlighted the dangers of becoming engaged in a ‘spiral’ of bad drinking habits and encouraged students to think carefully about their drinking patterns.

One student described the presentation as “very thoughtful. It helped you realise or think of people who could be struggling and what you could do for advice.”

A key aspect of the presentation was the idea of breaking down the stigma around alcoholism. It’s important to feel able to reach out for help if needed, without feeling judged about any personal circumstances.

Victoria Lang, one of our Business and Travel & Tourism tutors, described the talk as “a powerful and emotive presentation which gave us an insight into a highly addictive drug. We’re massively grateful for Dave & Sarah’s time to help us understand their stories and open up conversations around alcoholism.”

If you have been impacted by any of the issues which were discussed during the presentation, then please reach out for assistance. Our student services team are available to talk at each of our campuses and can also be reached online.