Published on September 2, 2022

Thinking about studying an Access to Higher Education course on the Health & Science pathway, but not sure where it could take you? Take a look at our Student Snapshot for Kato Lambrecht, who recently graduated from North Hertfordshire College’s Access to Higher Education: Health and Science course.

During her time with NHC, Kato’s dedication to her studies was noted by her tutors and peers, as she regularly spent extra time in the labs to improve her understanding and stretch her skills. This extra work paid off, with Kato achieving D*D*D* – the highest possible grade.

Now, Kato is starting her studies in BSc (Hons) Dietetics at the University of Hertfordshire!

How would you describe your experience of your Access to HE course? 

“Overall, my experience of the Access to HE course was very positive. I found all the tutors to be extremely helpful and accommodating, with our best interests in mind. The way in which classes were structured over two full days and half online was extremely helpful, as it allowed me to plan my work and childcare commitments and reduce my commuting time.”

What would you say to someone that’s thinking of studying Access to HE at NHC? 

“I would highly recommend the Access to HE course if you’re able to fully commit to freeing up the recommended hours per week.”


If you’re interested in exploring an Access to HE course, be sure to check out our Access to HE showcase page for more information about entry requirements and funding options!